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Insects and Beach Day

Animal adjectives

Animal adjectives

amazing adjectives

amazing adjectives

HIGHLIGHTS from this week…

Sharing our zoo research projects and how to books with the Pre-K kiddos

Learning about adjectives

Creating how to books

Attending the 3rd grade play

Shaving cream fun and playdough

Completing all TESTING!!!! YAY




Sight words- had, very, or

Library: self selected books

Art Center: Painting with watercolors

Independent reading

Play dough

Parent Games: Beach ball sight word toss

Teacher Table: Shaving cream and games

Math – insect number stories, fractions, ST math on ipads

Writing- Insect writing prompts and activities

Theme  Insects

Reminders and tidbits

Next Thursday is Beach Day…see letter below for more details

Insect reports are due in 2 weeks…see letter below for more details

My email:



We are out of snacks in our class.  If you are able to supply snacks for our class, please bring them on Monday.


Classroom snacks

2 beach balls


water balloons



Beach Day!


Who: All of Kindergarten

When: Thursday, June 4, 2015

Where: Ray Elementary Kindergarten Rooms

What: Beach day- students will be able to wear beach clothes, read on beach towels, and complete fun summer beach activities


*Things you need- beach clothes (NO SWIMSUITS), beach towel, beach toys

*Things our class would like- 2 beach balls, popsicles for snack, water balloons!



3rd Annual Family Science Project  

Dear Parents,

Over the next 2 weeks we will be learning about insects/butterflies.  We are really

excited to get this unit kicked off on Monday.  For the first part of the week we will be

looking at the structure of different insects and compare and contrast their body

structures.  For the rest of the week we will specifically be studying the ant and bee.  We

will be discussing habitat, insect job, predator, diet, etc.  We also have some fun insect

math activities and great writing prompts planned too.  On Friday, June 12th all the

kindergarten classes will be holding a small science fair for each of the other kindergarten

classes.  The other classes will be walking around viewing each other’s chosen insect.  Your

child will have a chance to talk about their research and findings.  So here is where you

come in…you and your child research 1 insect (not spider) and create a small poster board

showing and describing his/her insect.  Here is what you need to include:

– Picture or drawing of insect

– habitat

– diet

– prey and predator

– job of insect

– 2 interesting facts

Have FUN with this science project!  Get creative with what the presentation will look like.

Also, we ask that your child write everything.  (Remember that we spell phonetically in


The kindergarten team

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