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Martin Luther King and Snowmen

Dear Parents,

Here is a look at what is going on this week in Kindergarten…

Morning Meeting:

  • Sharing topic: Family project: What is your favorite activity to do in the snow?  Why?
  • Snowflake poem



Library: Quiet read/self-selected books

Writing Center: “Sticker stories” students choose 1 sticker, draw a picture and write about their “story”, focusing on writing 1-2 sentences to describe picture.  Students will be writing sentences using an exclamation mark at the end.

Computer Center: Starfall

Independent Reading: focusing on identifying sight words in stories

Teacher table: guided reading groups, words with the letter “M”, new sight words

Projector Center: Students will choose a sight word popsicle stick, write a sentence using the word.  Using the projector, they will read their sentence out loud.  Repeat with a new sight word

Parent Games: Nonsense and real CVC words card game

Students share a stack of real/nonsense words. Each student reads a word correctly and keeps the card.  If student does not read correctly he/she returns card to the pile.  Most cards wins!

  • Identifying capital letters, punctuation, blends and sight words in our daily morning message.
  • Letter of the week: M  For Martin Luther King
  • Letter M handwriting
  • Haggerty phonics
  • Sight word songs for: of, his, her
  • Creating and tracking the predictable sentence: His/Her eyes are made of _____. Filling in the blank with what they would use to create snowman eyes.
  • Class predictable book using our predictable sentence
  • Sight word test on Friday over the words: of, his, her, one, two, three

Theme (social studies/science): SNOW and Martin Luther King

  • Sequencing how to build a snowman
  • Character Ed: Identifying different feelings by facial expressions and body language
  • My snowman melted because…Students will develop a cause for why their snowman melted/art project
  • MLK: What peace means to me
  • MLK: What was his dream? Portrait of Dr. King using pastels and writing project


  • Counting to 85 by 1’s
  • Counting by 5’s to 100
  • Counting to 100 by 10’s
  • Number of the day, counting and adding a new tally mark daily
  • Snowflake and snowman symmetry
  • Introduction to number bonds
  • Winter addition and subtraction stories
  • Snowflake tally marks

Writing: We will start transitioning into writing with lower case letters.  If you notice that your child is still writing their name and words with capital letters, please practice writing with lower case letters.

Writing prompts

  • What will your snowman wear?  Using commas in writing
  • Describing winter: creating a web of things that remind them of winter
  • All about…Martin Luther King
  • Independent Journals

A few tidbits to remember…

  • Sight word test on Friday!
  • It is that time of the year where students start bringing lots of articles of clothing with them to recess. It is very important that students can independently put their outside gear on.  Please practice if they are unable to.
  • Please try your best to have your child to school by 8:40.
  • Homework is due on Friday.
  • NO school on January 20 and 24th.




Mrs. Burks

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