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Happy Holidays to you

Happy holidays,

Here is a look at what is going on this week in Kindergarten…

Morning Meeting:

  • Sharing topic: Family project: Gingerbread  person
  • Winter poem



Library: Quiet read/self-selected books

Writing Center: “Sticker stories” students choose 2 holiday stickers, draw a picture and write about their “story”, focusing on writing 1-2 sentences to describe picture.

Computer Center: Starfall

Independent Reading: focusing on identifying sight words in stories

Teacher table: guided reading groups, words with the letter “X”, new sight words

Listening Center: “Santa Duck” Writing about favorite part of story

Parent Games: “Gingerbread house of sticks” students pull 8 sticks and build a house on a recording sheet.  Students will read, write and record words.

  • Identifying capital letters, punctuation, blends and sight words in our daily morning message.
  • Letter of the week: X
  • Letter X handwriting
  • Haggerty phonics
  • Sight word songs for: me, up, you
  • Creating and tracking the predictable sentence: “Can you pick me up?” said the _____.  Filling in the blank with an animal.  I introduced quotation marks last week and we will continue to use them in our writing.
  • Class predictable book using our predictable sentence
  • Story structure for “Santa’s stuck”:  Identifying the characters, setting, problem and solution

Theme (social studies/science): Traditions for holidays

  • This week we will be looking at traditions and symbols for the following holidays…
    • Kwanza
    • Hanukkah
    • Christmas
    • New Years


  • Counting to 75 by 1’s
  • Counting by 5’s to 100
  • Counting to 100 by 10’s
  • Number of the day, counting and adding a new tally mark daily
  • Roll and record addition: finding the sum of 2 dice
  • Number sequencing: finding the missing number in a sequence of numbers
  • Winter graphing and identifying most and least
  • Hot chocolate addition: adding marshmallows in hot cocoa mugs to equal 10.


Writing prompts

  • If I was a snowflake I would land on…
  • If I was an elf I would help Santa make…
  • My New Year’s resolution for school is…

A few tidbits to remember…

  • The kids did AMAZING on their sight word test!!  Keep up the great work!
  • Wednesday is the last day for our “Pennies for the Philippines drive”.
  • We will be eating gingerbread men and drinking hot chocolate during our lessons this week. If you do not want your child to participate, please email me!
  • If your child is leaving early for the holidays and will not be at school, please let me know through email.  I have a special treat I would like them to enjoy before the break.
  • It is that time of the year where students start bringing lots of articles of clothing with them to recess. It is very important that students can independently put their outside gear on.  Please practice if they are unable to.
  • We will be celebrating December birthdays on Friday at 3:30.  If your child has a December birthday and you would like to provide treats; please email me by Tuesday.
  • Have a safe and fun filled break!!!!


Merry Christmas,


Mrs. Burks

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