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Gingerbread man…week 2

Dear Parents,

Here is a look at what is going on this week in Kindergarten…

Morning Meeting:

  • Sharing topic: “If you were a gingerbread girl/boy what would your gingerbread house be made of?  Help prepare your child for what they will present to the class.
  • 4 gingerbread men song and poem



Library: Quiet read/self-selected books

Writing Center: Read and write around the room (writing words students can read that are displayed around the room)

Big Books: identifying and writing sight word and words found in big books

Buddy Reading: focusing on labeling a character from a chosen story

Teacher table: guided reading groups, phonics/beginning, middle and ending sounds/ (gingerbread man CVC words)  We are really jumping into stretching out CVC words at teacher table.  The CVC words can be real or nonsense words.  Examples: (man, hug, tag, top, wug, zat)

Listening Center: “The gingerbread man loose in school.”

Parent Games: Gingerbread man CVC cookies

Students will flip over gb cookie, read the CVC word and record whether it is a real or nonsense word on pocket chart, Christmas story

  • Identifying capital letters, punctuation, blends and sight words in our daily morning message.
  • Letter of the week: E, creating a book of things that begin with the letter E.  Remember to bring pictures of things that begin with E, not words. J
  • Letter E handwriting
  • Introduction to vowels
  • Haggerty phonics
  • Sight word songs for: it, run, said
  • Creating and tracking the predictable sentence: “It can run ____said _____! ” Filling in the blanks with fast or slow and each student’s name.
  • Class predictable book using our predictable sentence
  • Writing prompt: Sequencing 3 steps on how to eat a gingerbread man cookie. (we didn’t get to this last week L)
  • Sight word quiz

Theme (social studies/science): The gingerbread man week 2

  • Identifying the characters, setting and ending to the following stories…
    • The gingerbread pirates
    • The gingerbread baby
    • The gingerbread friends
    • The gingerbread bear
    • Comparing and contrasting the stories
    • Gingerbread house creations


  • Counting to 70 by 1’s
  • Counting by 5’s to 100
  • Counting to 100 by 10’s
  • Number of the day, counting and adding a new tally mark daily
  • Exploring calculators
  • Patterns with pattern blocks
  • Gingerbread character graphing and identifying most/least
  • ST math on laptops
  • Magna tiles: creating a house for a gingerbread man
  • Gingerbread man measuring with various objects: gumdrops, Hershey kisses, unifix cubes, tape measures
  • Creating a take away number sentence/story about gingerbread men and a fox


  • Writing prompts
  • If I was a gingerbread man…
  • My gingerbread house is made of…
  • Where is the gingerbread man hiding?

A few tidbits to remember…

  • We will be having a sight word quiz on Thursday over the following words…come, it, go, run, said, at
  • Please continue to donate any loose change to our “Pennies for the Philippines drive”.
  • Scholastic order forms are being sent home today and are due on Friday.  I will be placing the order on Friday so that the books will be in before Christmas!!




Mrs. Burks

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