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Leaves and Parent teacher conferences

Dear Parents,

Here is a look at what is going on this week in Kindergarten!

Morning Meeting:

  • Sharing topic: What do you like more, bats or spiders and why?  Help prepare your child for what they will present to the class.  We will be focusing on giving reasons why.
  • Learning a poem about leaves


  • Centers: independent reading: book box books, library center: self-selected books from library (we have over 20 new books from scholastic J), computer center: Starfall, focusing on the letters and sounds we have covered in class  word wall: magnetic letters, rainbow writing, wiki stix, jewels words, ABC candy: alphabet soup, upper case/lower case letter match, build and stack sight words (students will work with a partner on these different games)  teacher table: guided reading
  • “Who let the letters out?” song for letter sounds and recognition
  • Letter of the week: C, creating a book of things that begin with the letter C.  Remember to bring pictures of things that begin with C, not words.
  • Letter C handwriting
  • Haggerty phonics
  • Sight word songs for: look, in
  • Creating and tracking the predictable sentence: Look at the _____leaf.  Filling in the blank with a color word.
  • Class predictable book using our predictable sentence
  • Close reading activities: We will read the book, “When the leaf blew in”  many times throughout the week and focus on one new idea each time.  We will focus on identifying characters, sequencing and cause and effect.

Theme (social studies/science): Leaves

  • Parts of a leaf, labeling and sentence writing
  • Leaf rubbings
  • Leaf graphing and sorting
  • Sight word leaf pile



  • Counting to 50 by 1’s
  • Counting by 5’s to 50
  • Counting to 100 by 10’s
  • Pocket problems in a whole group and with a partner
  • Number card game: identifying  and sequencing (1-20) focusing on vocabulary such as: before, after, more than, less than
  • Probability stories: creating an unlikely event
  • Bat and spider addition sentences
  • Introduction to subtraction: leaf subtraction


  • Students have received their new journals and are super excited.  Each journal has self- check boxes for self-correcting their work. The boxes for them to check are: wow picture, finger spaces, punctuation and reading our sentences 2 times.
  • Students have differentiated journals based on their writing ability.

A few tidbits to remember…

  • Each child will need to bring a colorful fall leaf to school on Tuesday for a rubbing, graphing and sorting activity.
  • No school on Monday, November 11th.
  • Report Card Pick-Up is Tuesday, November 12th. This is a non-attendance day for students. Conference slips were sent home last week.  I only received a handful of signed slips.  Please sign and return no later than tomorrow!!
  • If you have notes/paperwork for me in your child’s folder; please remind them to turn in the notes/paperwork in our “notes from home” basket.  The kiddos tend to forget they have notes for me and I am teaching them to check their folder before placing it in their cubbies.
  • This week we are learning all about the letter “C”!  Please, have your child find things that begin with the letter “C” in a magazine or newspaper and have them cut it out and bring it to class.  Please do not bring concrete objects.
  • Please help your child practice identify the numbers 1-20 (out of sequence)
  • All homework is due every Friday.
  • School begins at 8:45, but I try to pick up the kiddos at 8:40.  Please make sure your child is on time.  I have been having a lot of students that are marked as tardy.



Mrs. Burks

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