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Isopods and nickels

Dear Parents,

Math:  Telling time was great last week.  Our giant carpet clock was a success and the kids did an awesome job moving the minute and hour hands to the correct time.  We only focused on the “o’clock” times.  The kids worked super hard on their time project too.  They put the different times in order starting at 7:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m.  This week in math it is all about the nickel.  We touched briefly on the different coins at the beginning of the year but money is a really hard concept for kindergarteners to understand, especially when you add up different coins together.  So this week we will only focus on the value of a nickel and adding nickels together to get a total.  During our carpet small group time each student will receive some nickels.  They will work with another student to get a total amount.  We will play store and they will have to come up with the right amount of money to purchase various items throughout our store.  For their seat work, they are going to pretend we are going to a carnival and they will have to purchase various snacks.  Each snack item costs a certain amount of money.  They will have to draw the exact amount of nickels in order to buy their snack.  I am confident they will do a great job.  At home you can help your child by finding some spare change and have them help you count the coins.  You can focus on the pennies and nickels.  They can put them in 2 piles and add the totals.

Science:  Our dancing raisins experiment was a hit last week!  The kids were totally amazed by the outcome of the experiment.  I have never seen them so amazed before.  I told them if they had soda and raisins at home to try the experiment out.  So I will see this week if anyone took the challenge.  We talked about the steps we were going to take to test the experiment and then made predictions.  I was impressed with their predictions.  Here are a few of my favorites: “The soda will turn brown”, “the raisins will come to the SURFACE” (love the use of vocabulary), “the raisins will turn into grapes”, and “the raisins will EXPLODE!”  Great predictions kindergarteners!  We will hang our projects in the hall this week for you to see during report card pick up this Wednesday.  We will be introducing pill bugs and sow bugs this week.  I ordered them a week ago and they are anxious to become a part of our classroom.  We will be talking about their body structure this week and we will be learning some big vocabulary words like ISOPODS.  I have some mini magnifying boxes that are the perfect size for the bugs, so we will pass them around and really get to see first- hand what their body structure looks like.  I will also give the opportunity to hold a bug to any brave kiddo that is daring to do so.  We will see if we have any takers.  We will be creating an isopod journal as well.  We will be drawing a detailed picture of an isopod, labeling the parts we have learned about.  The students will also have to write 1 interesting fact they have learned.

Art:  Our stained glass/tissue paper tulips are BEAUTIFUL.  This was a hard project, but the results are amazing.  The kids had to do a lot of cutting and gluing.  I was very impressed with their persistence.  We hung them in our windows for the sunshine to shine through.  The classes that did not complete the stained glass art project will meet with me this week to create their masterpiece.

Parents: If you have not signed up with me for parent teacher conferences there is a sign-up sheet hanging on my door.  I will be available from 12:00- 3:30.  If you are not able to stop by and sign up you can email me 3 time options that you are available and I will see if those times are open.  My email address is:



Thanks a million,

Mrs. Burks

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