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Dancing raisins and telling time.

Dear Parents,

I hope everyone had a relaxing spring break.  It is hard to believe we are almost at the end of the year.  The weeks to come will fly by and they will be in first grade before you know it.

Math:  The kids did an amazing job on their addition stories 2 weeks ago.  They had a fun time gluing on seeds and making flowers grow from them.  They added up their different colored seeds and totaled the amount of flowers, giving them their answer.  I was really impressed with the outcome of their work.  I will be sending home that project this week.  We will be discussing time and events that occur in sequential order in class this week.  We will talk about their morning routine from when they wake up until they go to bed.  We will put events in order according to the time.  We will read the story entitled “Dog tells time”.  In the story it tells what time Dog does his daily routine.  We will make a giant clock on our carpet moving the minute hand (yard stick) and hour hand (ruler) to tell certain times.  We will mainly focus on the “o’clocks” and I will touch on the “half pasts” as well.  For their seat work the students will be putting events in order according to the time.  In the worksheet there are 6 different events (with times) that a bluebird does in the morning before lunch.  The students will have to look at the time and put the events in order.

Science:  The vegetables were a hit in science.  The kids were able to see and handle celery, asparagus, lettuce, broccoli, carrots, beets and turnips.  We discussed various vegetables that grew above and below the ground.  They did a good job drawing and labeling their very own garden.  This week in science everyone is going to become a scientist.  We will be making predictions about what raisins will do when you put them in a glass filled with sprite.  We will write down all of our predictions and test the experiment to find the results.  If the experiment goes correctly we should have DANCING RAISINS.  The students will write the results of the test, along with a picture to show what we did.

Art:  Our stained glass/tissue paper tulips are BEAUTIFUL.  This was a hard project, but the results are amazing.  The kids had to do a lot of cutting and gluing.  I was very impressed with their persistence.  We hung them in our windows for the sunshine to shine through.  The classes that did not complete the stained glass art project will meet with me this week to create their masterpiece.


Thanks a million,

Mrs. Burks

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