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Arrrr Matey!

Dear Parents,

Math:  Last week in math we studied the dime.  The children were much more confident this week with counting by 10’s.  Keep practicing counting by 5’s to 50 and 2’s to 20 at home with your child.  We are learning how to read maps this week.  The students will be learning how to read a key to help them find specific places on a map.  What better way to read and learn about maps than to create a Pirate’s treasure map!  We will create a group treasure map that will include our very own key to help us along the way.  We will discuss the correct directions you have to take in order to find the buried treasure.  Each child will get the opportunity to create their own treasure map to take home.  They will draw a detailed map and key, and then tell their partner the directions to follow to find the buried treasure.  It should be a TON of fun!

Science: Pill bugs and sow bugs were the topic last week.  We learned that pill bugs have a round carapace (shell), roll into a ball when they get scared, and have short antennas.  We also learned that sow bugs have a flat carapace, crawl fast, flip over really fast when they are upside down and have long antennas.  We were able to observe both bugs at the carpet.  It was super fun to watch them crawl around, flip over and roll into a ball.  The kids LOVE our isopods!  This week we will be learning about their diet, habitat, and needs.  The kids will have to tell what isopods need, can do and what they have for their seat work.  We will add this project to our journal.

Art:  Our top secret mother’s day art project turned out CUTE!  If your child did not visit last week for art, they will do so this Friday.

I will be posting pictures from the past few weeks on my blog this week… take a look to see what fun things we have been doing in my room!


Thanks a million,

Mrs. Burks

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