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Shamrocks and Tally Marks!

March 12, 2012 

Dear Parents,

Math:  Last week in math we talked about place value of the tens and ones.  This is a concept that will need to be reinforced multiple times for the kids to really understand it.  Throughout the year I will try to continue to touch on this concept.  I was really impressed with the outcome of the place value project that the students completed.  I will be sending their work home, hopefully this week.  This week brings St. Patty’s day, so how better to celebrate the holiday than with tally mark shamrocks?  We will be making tally marks on a class chart to see what holiday is our favorite.  I wonder how many students will choose St. Patty’s Day.  I refer to the famous “Zorro” when we talk about tally marks.  Zorro loves to make slashes and what could be better than making a slash through 4 tally marks and calling it a Zorro 5?  The kids will have a fun time with this.  We will also practice counting by 5’s using tally marks.  For their seat work the students will have a bag of 10 shamrocks.  5 shamrocks will have a number written on it from 5-10 and the other 5 shamrocks will have corresponding tally marks.  The students have to work together to match them to make a pair.  They will then draw the appropriate tally marks on their paper beside the shamrocks 5-10.

Science: The last time we met we learned all about land snails.  The kids really loved learning about the mucous trail and all the body parts.  I am really excited about this weeks’ lesson on water snails.  I bought 10 large water snails over the weekend to have in our class.  They are a lot larger than the snails I had already, so the kids will really be able to observe them and notice similarities with land snails.  Each table will get to observe 2 snails, identifying their body parts, watching their interactions with each other and their movements.  I have been watching them at my house and they are pretty neat.  We will discuss the similarities and differences between water and land snails.  We will make a class Venn diagram to display our findings.  For their seat work the students will draw a land snail and a water snail, making sure they draw the differences.  The students will then write a difference between the land and water snail.

Art: Over the next two weeks we will be making sun catchers to hang in our classroom.  Each student will receive a piece of colored construction paper.  Each table will have baby oil and Q-tips.  The students will dip the Q-tip in the baby oil and make patterns on the construction paper.  The baby oil reacts to the construction paper making it white and VOILA, a sun catcher.  The students can add some extra paper strips on the edges and really get creative.  I can’t wait to see how they turn out!!

If you would like to volunteer on Fridays for Art send me an email or talk to me after school.  I would love to have you assist!

Thanks a million,

Mrs. Burks

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