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Bubble popping and zoo animals!

March 19, 2012 

Dear Parents,

Math:  Last week in math we discussed tally marks.  The kids got a kick out of “Zorro 5” and loved volunteering when I needed help making my “Zorro slash” in the middle of the 4 tally marks.  They did a great job matching the number shamrocks to the corresponding tally mark shamrock.  I challenged the kids by asking them to choose a big number and write the exact amount of tally marks for that number; remembering to make a “Zorro slash” through the middle.  I was so impressed with the numbers they came up with.  I had a couple of students choose the number 100 and write the corresponding tally marks – WOW!  We also had a class tally where we voted on our favorite holiday.  It seemed like Christmas and Easter were the 2 favorite holidays.  This week in math we will be graphing while reinforcing what we have learned last week – tally marks.  We also will be doing a fun, bubble popping graphing activity.  We will be using vocabulary words like: most, least, fewer, more and same.  We are going to read a fun story entitled “Animal Strike at the Zoo”.  Following the story we will graph our favorite zoo animals.  We will talk about our results using the key vocabulary words we will have learned.  As an extension to the graphing the students will tally up the results as well.  Watch out Ray Elementary, the kindergarteners in Room 101are breaking all the rules – we will be chewing gum, blowing and popping bubbles.  Don’t tell Dr. Tatia!  During our carpet time we will be graphing who can and cannot blow a bubble with bubble gum.  During our read aloud the students will do their best to practice blowing bubbles.  After the story we will have a bubble blowing contest, then graph and tally the results; the kids will have a blast!  I am really excited about their seat work this week.  Each student will create a self-portrait of themselves, then I will attach a blown up balloon in the middle of their mouth, it will look like a giant bubble gum bubble.  We will hang them on our bulletin board, so please stop by a take a look.

Science:  The kids LOVED our water snails.  They each had a chance to observe them at their table.  We discussed their movements, identified body parts, and observed how they interacted with each other.  The snails have officially moved to the fish aquarium so the kids will have a chance to look at them at any time.  Our class Venn diagram turned out more than perfect.  After our lesson on water snails the students helped me describe the differences between land and water snails.  Here are the differences they came up with: Water snails – pointy shell, 2 tentacles, no mucous trail and small; Land Snails – round shell, 4 tentacles, mucous trail and large.  Here are the similarities: They have 1 foot, a shell, tentacles, need water and plants, and have organs inside their shell.  I was very proud of the results of their seat work.  They had to draw a picture of a water snail and land snail showing the visible differences and write 1 difference between the two snails.  I explained how illustrators take their time while drawing pictures and use a lot of detail.  All the students rocked at their illustrations.  Their work will be sent home this week.  We are grouping shells this week in class.  I have a ton of snail and sea animal shells for the kids to handle.  We will discuss the similarities and differences between the various shells.  They will have a chance to arrange them into groups, categorizing them on how they choose.  They may categorize them by design, patterns or shape.  We will discuss the results together.  For their seat work the students will draw a picture of their shells in 2 circles.  They will explain in a sentence how they have grouped their shells.

Art:  Last week we read a story entitled “Who Likes the Sun?”  We discussed the temperature of the sun, how icicles and dew form, how raisins are made, why the sky changes color and where the sun goes at night.  The kids were amazed by all the facts in our book.  We made sun catchers using construction paper and baby oil.  We talked about how baby oil soaks into the paper letting the sun shine through.  The kids each got a Q-tip and cotton ball to create designs on their paper with the baby oil.  After they were done we held them up to the window to watch the sun shine through.

***I will be posting pictures of last week’s activities on my blog, so check back later this week to see what fun things we are doing in room 101***

Thanks a million,

Mrs. Burks

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